Regional Air Quality Management Forum draws public attention

Air quality in the Hong Kong has been improving in the past 10 years but we are not yet reaching the satisfactory World Health Organization levels. While more efforts have to be put in collaboration with the Mainland Chinese region, HKUST Institute for the Environment held the RAQM-5 HK Forum on 20 November 2017 to address the following issues:

  • Significance of good air on public health protection (Dr. Roland Leung) [PPT | Video]
  • Regional improvements and the way forward in the Greater Bay Area development road-map (Prof. Zibing Yuan) [PPT | Video ]
  • Improvements in Hong Kong and the way forward (Prof. Alexis Lau) [PPT | Video]
  • Importance of exposure characterization and exposure risk management – an international perspective (Prof. Chris Frey) [PPT | Video]
  • Importance and challenges in new sensor technology for exposure assessment (Dr. Gayle Hagler) [PPT | Video]
  • Panel discussion (moderated by Prof. Jimmy Fun) [Video]

Event summary report [DOWNLOAD] Media coverage: