PRAISE-HK Home Air Quality Measurement

Every individual spends an average 10-12 hours at home everyday – but we seldom have a chance to measure and improve air quality at home. Among researches conducted under Institute for the Environment, we realized the importance to understand how our households are affected by the air outside of the windows, and how our daily habits including opening/closing windows, turning on/off of our air conditioners and air purifiers can affect air quality at our homes.

If you are reading this, you are invited to PRAISE-HK Home (Air Quality) Measurement for FREE! Yes, we need your help to collect these outdoor-to-indoor variations, in advancing PRAISE-HK’s upcoming development. As a return, a detailed summary report will be provided for your record. Don’t miss out this opportunity, read on and join now!



The sampling will last for 7 days. Exact sampling days will be further discussed and confirmed with participants.


  1. Applicants will be required to fill out a simple survey. Your information provided will be useful for us to understand your home environment, and for the later decision of setting up of air quality sensors;
  2. Depending on your home environment, 2 to 3 hand-carry luggage-sized air quality sensors (images below) will be installed in your apartment;
  3. PRAISE-HK Team will uninstall the sensors after 7 days.



Upon request, a summary report will be provided as record.
Post-measurement report includes:

  • Detailed explanation on home indoor and outdoor air quality;
  • Comparison with nearby air quality data;
  • Suggestions to improve home air quality.



All you have to do is to fill out our sign up form. Selected participants will be further contacted for detailed measurement arrangement.

Information in this study will be used only for research purposes and in ways that will not reveal personal information unless requested or agreed.

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