User Engagement Workshop

PRAISE-HK team has been meeting different stakeholders at times to collect feedback and new ideas for upcoming design and development of PRAISE-HK App. We believe that this process is crucial to create a better smart city app that meets the community’s needs. Join us and make your ideas happen on PRAISE-HK App.

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The home screen shows the current AQHI at your GPS identified location.

  • check the %ARs contributed from the different pollutants by tapping the AQHI display;
  • check the health advice for the reported AQHI by tapping the “heart icon”;
  • check the AQHI values at your bookmarked locations by tapping the “bookmark icon”;
  • check the 48-hour AQHI forecasts at your location by swipe the forecast bar to the left;
  • check the street level air quality map around you by tapping the “location iconicon-button-circular-1”;
  • tap the burger menu menu-button-1 to get a menu list of possible action items.

The PRAISE-HK app is designed for showing the fine-scale air quality variations in Hong Kong. If the user is outside Hong Kong, it will show the AQHI information of a selected location near the geographic center of Hong Kong.


You can get to the Street Level Air Quality Map by tapping the “location iconicon-button-circular-1” on the home screen, or the corresponding tab on the menu list.
map-pageThe Street Level Air Quality Map firstly shows the air quality distribution around you. You can:

  • use the opacity bar to control the opacity of the pollutant map layer to better see the pollutant distribution or the underlying map display;
  • swipe the “Forecast” slide bar to find out the pollutant distribution at other forecast hours;
  • tap the “pollutant layer iconlayers” to change the displayed distribution from %AR, to AQHI and other criteria pollutants (NO2, O3, PM2.5, PM10 and SO2);
  • pan to relocate the map display area;
  • zoom in to look at more fine-scale variation of air quality around you;
  • zoom out to look at more at the large-scale distribution of air quality around you;
  • drag the map to select any location or input a location at the search bar to find a particular place, and its corresponding AQHI will be shown in a display box. You can then touch the display box to check the pollutant concentrations and %ARs, or tap:
    • Bookmarkbookmark_w” icon to save the selected location as a bookmarked location. This location will be saved to the list of “Saved locations”, and the bookmark icon will change from empty to filled. If the location has already been saved, clicking “filled bookmarkbookmark-01” icon will bring you to the “Saved Locations” screen.
    • Forecast” tab to show the AQHI, %AR and pollutant concentration forecasts;
    • Health Advice” tab to health advice corresponding to the %AR;
    • closelocator_updated” icon to remove the AQHI display box.



Following instructions on adding “bookmarks” in the “Street Level Air Quality Map” section, you can bookmark places you or your family often visit in your list of “Saved locations” and find out their current and predicted air quality with a single tap.
You can go to the “Saved Locations” screen by tapping the “Bookmarkbookmark-01” icon on any screen, or select the corresponding tab on the menu list. The current AQHI and the forecasted range of AQHI for the rest of today and for tomorrow for all your saved locations will be tabulated.
bookmarks_enYou can also:

  • tap on any location name to go to the street level air quality map around that location;
  • tap on the forecast of any location to get the detailed 48 hour forecast of that location;
  • reorder the list of saved locations;
  • go to the Edit screen for any saved location by tapping the “>” icon on android phones OR swiping left over the “>” icon and tapping the “more” on Apple iphones. On the edit screen, you can
    • change the name of the bookmarked location;
    • enable or disable push notification for that bookmarked location;
    • set the alert level for push notification for that bookmarked location; if alert is enabled for a location, a notification will be generated if the AQHI is forecasted to be higher than or equal to the selected alert level in the next 3 hours. To avoid excessive alerts generated during bad air quality days, only one notification will be generated per day per saved location.
Queries about PRAISE-HK, please visit PRAISE-HK APP Features.

Get Involved

1. PRAISE-HK Angel User Campaign


Simply download the PRAISE-HK app on App Store or Google Play and tell us your experience by filling the 5-minute online survey below. Click HERE for more about Angel User Campaign.

Online Survey


2. User Engagement Workshop

Pre-register to our upcoming user engagement workshop. Meet PRAISE-HK Team face-to-face and share your ideas of PRAISE-HK App user interface and user experience with us. You will also have chance to discuss with and learn from other PRAISE-HK App users from various sectors.

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Past User engagement Workshops

  • 05 Jan 2019 – Hong Kong Asthma Society
  • 28 Nov 2018 – WYNG Foundation
  • 12 Sep 2018 – Hong Kong Allergy Association
  • 15 Aug 2018 – Hong Kong Institute of Allergy
  • 10 Aug 2018 – Hong Kong Asthma Society
  • 09 Aug 2018 – Clean Air Network
  • 20 Jul 2018 – HKUST students
  • 17 Jul 2018 – Civic Exchange
  • 24 Jun 2017 – Participants from online recruitment


Snapshots of workshops


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