A Warm Welcome to Our PRAISE-HK Student Ambassadors!



With the start of the new academic year, we are thrilled to have the students from diverse backgrounds joining PRAISE-HK Student Ambassadors Program 2019-2020 and had our first meeting on 18 September 2019!


The Welcome Day is for our new ambassadors to understand the vision and mission of PRAISE-HK project by meeting with our principal investigator, Prof Alexis Lau, and the public engagement team. The ambassadors were excited about the coming up involvements in our outreach events, and enthusiastic to offer new ideas on how to publicise air science to a variety of stakeholders.



We’re looking forward to working with the new ambassadors and helping create a platform for younger audiences to learn about air science and PRAISE-HK project!


Click HERE to know more about PRAISE-HK Student Ambassadors Program.





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