LUNCH & LEARN @ WYNG Foundation

As PRAISE-HK project focuses on assessing human exposure to air pollutants, our team has been continuously conducting field measurement in various transportation modes, schools, commercial and residential buildings, in order to understand the air quality characterisation by micro-environment.

One of our measurement partners – WYNG Foundation, invited our task leader, Dr Wenwei Che, to share the measurement results of their workplace at their social lunch gathering – LUNCH & LEARN on 24 Oct 2019. Participants were excited about the results as they learnt how seasonal and daily meteorological condition makes a difference to the air quality. They are also keen to understand the what environmental and building factors determine the air quality around them and their actions to take.

ENV Related Researches on Exposure:

  • October 2019. Energy consumption, indoor thermal comfort and air quality in a commercial office with retrofitted heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Energy and Buildings.
  • January 2019. Indoor Exposure to Ambient Particles and Its Estimation Using Fixed Site Monitors. Environmental Science & Technology.
  • August 2018. Variability in Ambient Air Pollution Infiltration and Its Impact on Personal Exposure. ISES-ISEE.


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