Clean Air Neighborhood Exhibition & Seminar

HKUST Institute for the Environment is in partnership with Clean Air Network, an NGO that advocates for better air quality, to initiate the “Clean Air Neighborhood” programme. PRAISE-HK was invited to participate in its Exhibition & Seminar on 22 May 2021 at The Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School, Tuen Mun.

“Clean Air Neighborhood Exhibition & Seminar” is a showcase for students who have joined the programme to conduct an air pollution study at Tuen Mun. Other than presenting their pilot study result, a booth was also set up to exhibit PRAISE-HK project and allow us to talk to “GaiFong” at Tuen Mun and other parties that are involved in the “Clean Air Neighborhood” programme. Dr. Michelle Wong also led a discussion panel to answer questions on today’s scientific measurements and technological application that combat air quality, public health and behavioral change. A walking tour was led by students who devoted themselves to the programme to share their investigation on the air quality in Tuen Mun surroundings.

Throughout the experience, we were delighted to witness a growing community in air quality. As PRAISE-HK tagline said, “Empower the Public with Personalised Air Quality & Exposure Health Risk Information”, we hope to continue supporting and collaborating with the community in the future!

Media Coverage:
21.05.23 – HK01 – 屯門11地點二氧化氮濃度超世衛標準 紅橋巴士站登榜首
21.05.22 – ON.CC – 屯門紅橋巴士站二氧化氮超標近5倍 環團籲收緊車輛廢氣排放標準
21.05.14 – U4GET – 健康空氣行動 「 好空氣社區 」計劃 匯集專家學者探討空污問題
21.05.14 – HKINSIDER – 好空氣社區計劃|與你一起「看」空氣社區展覽 | 與專家進行會社區研討會 | 健康空氣行動

Event Details:

Date: 22 May 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 11am – 4pm
Venue: The Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School, Tuen Mun

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