User Interface design workshop

An intimate meeting was held on 24 June 2017 with a small group of friends who are either interested in mobile app interface design as well as in knowing more …


經濟日報:實時滙報 科大研街道空氣污染App

Hong Kong Economic Times interviewed Prof Alexis Lau and introduced PRAISE-HK on 26 Jan 2017 早前霧霾襲港,不少地區的空氣質素健康指數一度連續3小時錄得屬甚高水平。 香港科技大學正研發空氣污染系統,透過大數據分析,可實時滙報各街道污染情況,料明年11月透過手機應用程式(App)發布,屆時市民可知身處位置的空氣情況,甚至可因應當時情況來規劃行走路綫。


Media briefing on air pollution exposure

To address the rising interest on how effectively Hong Kong’s Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) and other air pollution control measures protect public health, especially during smoggy days like the …